What is Cohausing Cabanyal?

COHAUSING CABANYAL is a temporary shared living arrangement for people who are looking for accommodations in Valencia. The typical resident is a person who needs to be in town for a shorter period of time—mainly due to their studies, vocational training, or job-related activities.

Cohausing Valencia

Where are we and what is the house like?


The house, located at 95 Calle Angels (c/ Angels, 95) in the old fisherman’s quarter of Valencia called El Cabanyal, which is located on the Mediterranean coastline. The actual building is relatively new and it has been renovated recently to accommodate its use as a coliving space. The property on which the house is located measures 113 m2. The house itself consists of:

  • Ground floor (common areas)
  • First and second floor (10 rooms with double beds),
  • Third floor – a converted attic space with 2 studio rooms, each with a double bed

The building’s interior boasts 456 m2 of living space altogether.

Which are the common areas?

The common areas are all located on the ground floor. The main door opens into the front hallway, and to the left you will find our multi-purpose room. We designed it to enable residents to have the opportunity to interact with each other and spend time together every day. At the far end of the front hallway, the stairs lead up to the individual rooms—all of which are on the upper floors.

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The multi-purpose room

This room is intended for all Cohausing residents to use and enjoy. We only ask that everyone be respectful when using and sharing it with the other residents. The room is nearly 100 m2 in size and can be divided into five zones.

  • The kitchen is fully equipped featuring two ceramic cooktops with three cooking zones, a conventional oven, a dishwasher, two refrigerators, two microwaves, and all the kitchen utensils and appliances you could expect so you can make the best of your cooking skills. It also has a faucet with tap water purified by a reverse osmosis filtration system.
  • The dining room has a table that seats eight people and a breakfast bar counter with stools to seat up to four people. It also includes the tableware, including dishes and plates, glasses and mugs, and cutlery. This zone of the house is designed so residents can sit around the table with others enjoying each others’ company.
  • The laundry room is located at the back of the kitchen and has two state-of-the-art washer dryer combos and an ironing station— essentially everything you need to take care of your laundry. Hot water is supplied to the entire house via a boiler with an environmentally friendly recirculation pump.
  • There is a living room in the common area on the ground floor, which is situated between the dining room and the coworking space. It features a 55-inch smart TV and two large sofas, which allow residents to relax and enjoy their favorite TV series, movies, regular broadcast TV, sporting events, and much more.
  • The coworking space is an inviting area where you can sit at a desk while working on your laptop. At the same time, it offers you the same quiet environment as you would find in your local library. It is separated from the other areas by sound-absorbing glass panels. It features two standing desks as well as two spacious coworking stations that can accommodate up to four people each.

In addition to all these amenities, there is a shared bathroom in the common area, meaning you don’t need to run back to your room every time nature calls. The common areas are designed for all Cohausing residents to use and enjoy. We only ask that everyone be respectful when using and sharing it with the other residents. These areas are cleaned by a team of professionals once a week.

What are the floors with the individual rooms like?

The upper floors feature a total of ten single or double rooms—all with private bathrooms—as well as two spacious studios located in the converted attic on the third floor. From the head of the stairs, which are adjacent to the entrance hall, you can access the first and second floors, where the individual rooms are located with their corresponding en suite bathrooms.

  • All of them are decorated and named after famous people from Valencia, as a means to celebrate the cultural heritage of Valencia with people from around the world. Each room contains a piece of art or significant object for corresponding celebrity.
  • The rooms have a large cabinet to store your clothes and other personal belongings. There are chairs and individual desks so you can sit in your room and quietly get down to business, as well as two beds, each with a nightstand and light.
  • All beds have a duvet with duvet cover for the autumn/winter months as well as a complete set of regular bedding for the warmer months. Naturally you will find pillows and pillowcases for the beds, too.
  • The bathrooms in the individual rooms are equipped with a sink, toilet, and shower. Hand soap, towels, and bath mats are provided.

The Basic and Superior rooms are street-facing and have a separate balcony overlooking a quiet street in a pedestrian zone, whereas the Standard rooms overlook a small, pleasant green space in the inner courtyard. All rooms have an Ethernet network connection, as well as USB charging capabilities, including the newer USB-C ports, the most recent European standard for smartphone charging.

The converted attic is located on the third floor, where two studios have been built in perfect symmetry— with spacious ceilings stretching upward more than 3 meters in the highest part and a living area with sloped ceilings and a Velux® skylight. It’s a great way to enjoy the starry sky as it twinkles over Valencia. Each studio has a fully equipped kitchenette (including refrigerator, microwave, induction cooktop, coffeemaker, sink) so you’re not forced to leave the room anytime you get hungry.

Across from the kitchenette is the bathroom, which features a shower, toilet, and a premium-grade sink in the front, giving the studio a modern and avant-garde look. There are two additional zones fully integrated into the living design, making you feel like you’re living a large multifunctional space. For example, right under the light, you will find a space with two armchairs, a rug, and a coffee table—ideal for relaxing after a long day. The folding dining table is paired with two folding chairs that can all be put away to maximize your available space.

In addition, each studio has a large cabinet to store your clothes and personal belongings, two individual desks, comfortable designer chairs for working, and two beds with wooden headboards that can be pushed together, as necessary, as well as nightstands and lights. All the necessary bedding is also provided.

What does cohausing cabanyal offer?

The building is equipped with the latest standard in technology to facilitate your stay and so you can enjoy all the advantages on offer. Because we take our environmental impact and the topic of sustainability seriously, there is a solar power system that supplies electricity for the house, helping us achieve energy autonomy. Thanks to this, the whole building is equipped with air conditioning for both cooling and heating via air ducts, and each room has a control unit so that you can select the ideal temperature individually.

The hot water comes from a boiler with sufficient capacity and pressure to provide an optimal service to the whole building. In terms of connectivity, the house offers powerful fiber optic cables and routers bring the internet to each of the rooms. In addition, it is currently supported by its own high-speed Wi-Fi network (WIFI 6) with routers. Each room has a personalized password, in addition to a general common network for the entire house. This prevents the Wi-Fi networks from being oversaturated and enables internet connectivity at maximum speeds regardless of the number of connected users. The building features keyless access both for the house and the individual rooms. The door lock system uses a digital keypad to enter a PIN code, which you will receive by email prior to your arrival.

As described above, the shared kitchen and laundry room are equipped with the latest high-quality appliances. There is a manual that compiles all the instructions on how to use the equipment. It is available next to the bulletin board, in both Spanish and English, for residents to consult.

It is important to emphasize that this house is a COLIVING space, where peaceful coexistence requires that all residents be respectful of one other and behave extremely well, both in the use of the individual rooms, as well as in the common areas. The rules of conduct are provided in a separate document and will be posted on the bulletin board in the house for easy access. Residents need to complete the check-in form that will be provided to them, in which they agree to respect our rules of conduct. To ensure the proper use of the common areas by the residents, we have equipped them with 24/7 security cameras.